Topics for discussion at the SIG meeting

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Methods and Approaches

Looking at the list of visions, it feels like many of these, if not all focus upon a technological vision, but are there visions that relate to more methodological stances or approaches? Approaches to design,for example Participatory Design or evaluation, such as time on task and error rate. I'd be really interested in seeing what people think. It feels to me that as part of a vision, particularly when understood from the perspective of a researcher that there is an embodied sub-vision of how to understand the emergent interaction. The work of perceiving understanding - What do people think? - AlanC

Got the vision, but what's next?

It would be very interesting to know how a vision driven design process looks like? How does it differ from traditional approaches? Is it e.g. iterative, so that the vision get's updated at some point? Or is it more linear, in which the vision come first, followed by many different implementations?- SO

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