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This Wiki helps to support a community of interest in "visions and visioning" (a Special Interest Group) which has emerged in the human computer interaction and computing more broadly.

By Vision we mean, "the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be" and Visioning, "the process of creating a vision".

On May 2nd 2013 we held a CHI 2013 SIG Meeting called Visions and Visioning PDF. This SIG came about from discussions at the Interaction Beyond the Desktop Dagstuhl seminar in 2012. In November 2013 this wiki also served as input to some working sessions at the Dagstuhl seminar 13452 on Proxemics in Human-Computer Interaction. In addition this wiki was used as source material in an assignment for CS5040 in the University of St Andrews.

General Resources

Recent Nov 2013

If you are looking to contribute to this wiki or if you notice any problems please contact Professor Aaron Quigley in the University of St Andrews in the UK or just tweet him a comment

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